daphneChairperson: Elder Daphne Maynard
Co-Chairperson: Ann Marie Holland
Council Administrator: Elder Stephanie Beckett

Before we are members of a church or participants in a ministry – we are family!
In order to effectively change our community – we must work through the family!
We recognize its importance and so – we celebrate the family!

As the foundation of our community and life-stream of a growing church, the family is our focus. The Council of Family Life and Counseling is compiled of ministries that address the needs of our members as individuals as well as their role in the family unit as a whole. In order to accomplish this goal we strive to address the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Whether it is via a workshop addressing the needs of couples, a family game night or health fair for all ages, a weekend getaway for woman and/or men, a panel discussion for young adults, or one on one counseling for any of the above, we are called to serve THE FAMILY.

When we are able to involve mothers, fathers and children, regardless of age, in the ministry of Christ, we become capable of establishing a long lasting legacy. Being a part of a family means being accountable for and to one another. We are tasked to ensure we equip the family to do just that. We take that responsibility seriously!

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