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Andria Diggs & Veronica Williams
Andria Diggs & Veronica Williams Noah's Ark Children's Ministry
Angela Belt
Angela Belt Church Events Coordinator, Media Sales
Ann Marie Holland
Ann Marie Holland Wholistic Health Ministry
Bruce Belt
Bruce Belt Communications and Audio/Visual Ministry
Claniesha Moorefield
Claniesha Moorefield Anointed Dance Ministry
Deacon Damon Ringgold
Deacon Damon Ringgold Youth Ministry
Deacon William Pratt
Deacon William Pratt D.E.S.I.R.E., Gideon Men's Ministry
Deaconess Myra Harris
Deaconess Myra Harris Intercessory Prayer
Decision Counselor Irma Holland
Decision Counselor Irma Holland Decision Counselors Ministry and Flourish Bible Study
Decision Counselor Linda Taylor
Decision Counselor Linda Taylor True Identity Ministry
Elder Audrey Gross
Elder Audrey Gross Pastoral Assistant, Office Manager, Assimilation and New Members
Elder Barry Williams
Elder Barry Williams Associate Pastor, Administrative Council, Board of Stewards President

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First Christian Community Church of Annapolis
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