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Minister Renee Wallace
Minister Renee Wallace E.S.T.H.E.R. Women's Ministry, As the Page Turns Book Club
Elder Regina Arnold
Elder Regina Arnold Pastoral Assistant, Malachi Finance, Ministry Entrance Interviews
Elder Stephanie Beckett
Elder Stephanie Beckett Church Wedding Coordinator
Elder Doris Boyd
Elder Doris Boyd Ministry of Christian Education and Youth Development
Elder Audrey Gross
Elder Audrey Gross Pastoral Assistant, Office Manager, Assimilation and New Members
Elder Daphne Maynard
Elder Daphne Maynard Pastoral Assistant, Family Life and Counseling Council
Elder Karon Wilson
Elder Karon Wilson Pastoral Assistant, Financial Strategic Planner
Deaconess Myra Harris
Deaconess Myra Harris Intercessory Prayer
Deacon William Pratt
Deacon William Pratt D.E.S.I.R.E., Gideon Men's Ministry
Decision Counselor Irma Holland
Decision Counselor Irma Holland Decision Counselors Ministry and Flourish Bible Study
Decision Counselor Linda Taylor
Decision Counselor Linda Taylor True Identity Ministry
Gary & Andria Diggs
Gary & Andria Diggs Covenant Couples Ministry

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